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A voice fueled by ultimate freedom and next level clarity.

Erick David has adventure in his heart, a desire for lifelong learning in his soul, and a perceptive nature that collides with a spirit of openness and creativity – birthing authentic connection to story every day.


A naked youthful abandon permeates his lips. A reliable dedication pours out with consistency in his tone. He draws you close for every precious syllable.


The moment you connect with Erick – email, phone, social media – you’re his partner. He’s committed to valuing you and the work with an intensity that reaches finality only when you reach clarity.


Erick’s refreshing, yet uncommon voice has reached people around the world for brands like Coca-Cola, Visa, Walmart, Subway, Marvel, UPS, Volvo and IBM.


From his super quiet studio (armed with quality gear) Erick can connect and collaborate with you via Source Connect, phone or Skype.


Erick is steeped in story. He’s fascinated by the narrative of his life, family and commitments; it all comes together on his journey to discover truly authentic communication beneath the words on the page.


Erick David keeps things simple, clear and effective.


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In Both Ears

Sam Roberts
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Erick will record a free demo of your project and deliver an MP3 within 24 business hours of your request.


Please attach a PDF, Word file or paste a sample script in the body of your message.